Sunday, March 19, 2006

blogger vs wordpress

i have gone through the wordpress today. at first i was fooled by the comparison. it made me feel that im using in a place whr no options are given. going through the different options given by the wordpress i found out that blogger blog is better.

let me explain.... if u r willing to write only in the blogs then wordpress is far more better than blogger. it will take care of the things u want to be taken care of. it has smart interface and has many options automated.

now if u want to control all the things in ur blog, how they will appear and what r the things u want in ur site, then u might find that wordpress is not giving u all the options u want to explore. Wordpress doesnt allow u to write/edit ur template manually. yes u can change its appearance, But with the limited given options.

the comparison is more like windows vs linux. windows is user frndly and the user doesnt need to care and knw about the details. in linux u can actually code ur system. which makes it totally vulnerable, whr windows is much safe. but u cant do many a things u can in linux.

so if u want to relax and write only then i refer u to the wordpress. but if u want to do a little more than that, blogger gives u the options to change ur template make it marvellous or a thing doesnt work(!) depending how u r changing...:P

i think i prefer the blogger, till the wordpress gives the options to edit and code my template.
what do u think..??


Dipu Nobody said...

u r quite wrong in ur concern tareq ..

download wordpress edit in ur own style, then upload .. u can also change the whole wordpress in ur language say "bengali" using POT extensions of file .. i used whole background of wordpress in a project of mine .. wordpress is fully open source project .. u can change it, lets say play with it more flexibly than blogger blog.

download wordpress in the following link:

what u need is : php 5.0 and mysql 5.0 enabled/installed in ur pc..

wordpress is much more like linux than windows ..

try it ..

Dipu Nobody said...

ofcourse u can change the templates .. the templates available now in wordpress are not the one the wordpress team created ..most of them are created by the user like u .. download wordpress and edit .. :P

i think i should stop here .. :P

aragorn said...

dipu, thn y dont u try using it?? ... can u literally code the template?? coz i have gone through the faqs, and they wrote it many times that u cant code ur template. u can change according to the given options. pls explain me whn we meet. ok?

Dipu Nobody said...


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