Saturday, March 11, 2006


when i first saw the word i thought it a speling mistake. then i found out that its not a mistake... its a combination of blog+book=blook!!!.... when the idea of bloggin started it was kind of episodic, which is still common to ppl all around the world.
here is the history for the blogging culture...

"Like with the start of many things, early bloggers did not have a name for what they were doing. While it took some time for the genre and the name to develop, blogging has been around since the begining of the internet. Below is a history of early blogs in timeline form.

Dawn of Internet Time: Tim Berners-Lee at CERN begins keeping a list of all new sites as they come online.
June 1993: NCSA's oldest archived What's New list of sites.
June 1993: Netscape begins running it's What's New! list of sites.
Jan 1994: Justin Hall launches Justin's Home Page which would become Links from the Underground.
April 1997: Dave Winer launches Scripting News. His company, Userland, will release Frontier, Manila and Radio Userland, all website and blog content software.
Sept 1997 Slashdot launches their news for nerds.
Dec 1997: Jorn Barger coins the term web log.
November 1998: Cameron Barrett publishes the first list of blog sites on Camworld.
Early 1999: Peter Merholz coins the term blog after announcing he was going to pronouce web blogs as "wee-blog". This was then shortened to blog.
Early 1999: Brigitte Eaton starts the first portal devoted to blogs with about 50 listings.
July 1999: Metafilter's earliest archives.
July 1999: Pitas launches the first free build your own blog web tool.
August 1999: Pyra releases Blogger which becomes the most popular web based blogging tool to date, and popularizes blogging with mainstream internet users. "(source)

now some bloggers are not writing episodic or single thought per post anymore...Some bloggers became so populat that they have turned to traditional print to collect their thoughts at greater length...

now thr is "blooker competition!!!"... bloggers turned to blookers around the world is participating the competition... on three different categories the prize will be given... fiction, non-fiction and comics.and the winners of these two sections get a cash proze of $1000... the winner of the grand prize will get $1100.... (source)

hmmm.... i wish i started bloggin be4... may be i would have been a blooker myself... anyway its a thing worth givin a try the next time....:P

here are some more links if u wanna dig deep in the blogs, blooks and best about them... guardian unlimited... also the lulublookerprize...


Dipu Nobody said...

ya there is always a next time. But If I want to be a blooker do I need to write on a particular topic ? Do u know how to start categories/topics in blogger blog .. help me (!)

aragorn said...

hahahaha... dipu i just found the topic today... so i knw little as u do... i guess u have to sign up for the competition... which is i suppose over for this yr... and also u must have continuing theme in ur blogs, not just some thuoghts that came to ur mind... if it turns out popular, then u might find publishers offering u to publish them as a book... blook came frm that idea... its all i can tell u... the rest is yet to knw..:)

faisal said...

ahare ki formal kotha Mr. tareq can u tell me bout......thanking you....Mr. Dipu. good. keep it up

aragorn said...

abe hala amit aishai pachal para shuru korsos..;)... dipu u can check this lulu link for more information... hahahaha

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