Monday, March 13, 2006


sometimes i wonder y do i have so less patience... but can u define patience in a line. or is there a measure i can use to find how much patience should i have!!... Hazrat Adam (as.) kept patience for 350 yrs or so, asking forgiveness to the almighty Allah!!... but im a simple human being... whats the measurement for ppl like me!!

me alone knw that i have kept patience as much as i can... did i not!!.. i can still remember whn i was in the class 1 i didnt like to go to the schools and stuff.. they were so much boring... i wanted to close my eyes and find out that i have just passed the SSC. then came the college part, finished that. whn i was in IUT it seemed like it will continue till the time ends... a never ending race im runnin... a hurdle race... as cross one hurdle i find another one infront of me... more hard, more challenging!... and here i am doing a job totally confused actually what i wanted for the 23 yrs of my life...

still the hurdle race is not over... im runnin... tryin not to tumble and loose the fight...

its universal question... what is the reason of this life... im also seeking it... i knw if i had enough faith i could a more relaxed person... havin no faith is more like runnin on brokebn glasses without a shoe!!...

now im a novice in this world of professionals and my recuiter forbade me to compare my position with others!... unless i will never be satisfied in my life... true. i knw that also. but till now i wanted to think satisfaction is a barrier to ur improvement... isnt true also??? tryin improve means u cant be satisfied... now i want rise up like a star and have the satisfaction together... is there someone who can help. may be..

or may be not.

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Dipu Nobody said...

ya tareq in oneof ma blog i stated that :

" Life is like stepping onto a boat which is about to sail out to sea and sink."

that means we are sailing to sink .. not to reach destination .. and I think all the time of boating is patience.. those who failed to have patience sink earlier .. :(

may be I am wrong ..

but never worry .. coz Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim. - (bertrand russel)

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