Friday, July 28, 2006

two weeks without a weekend

life is gettin too hard these days. before the last week i said to one of my friends that im enjoyin the weekends very very much. loads of movie watchin, "vakua"[ chat with frnds] , and sleeping. what has been happenin since is a tragedy. i didnt have a weekend last week and im in my office this friday too. my back has been painin, feeling sleepy and having a constant headache. i just wish the eternity to stop for a moment. i need to breath.

yesterday i had to attend an interview in BanglaLink. i have a tragedy in the telecom field. i have been attendin some interviews and i am mostly fraustrated by the corruption that crept inside the private sectors of bangladesh. i dont wonder y bangladesh is the most corrupt country. now its all about referin and such. in bangla we call it "shwajon priti".[dont knw the exact english...:(] after tryin too many days in legal way, i started to cope with the atmosphere and tried the referin channels. this call from BLink is a result of that. anyway in the last interview, which was in Huawei, i was asked about what i do and what my father does. only by that they found out im not good enough. but deep inside i knew, i didnt have the strongest channel of referin... heh heh... pretty pathetic...:-S.... i studied long night hours for that one. and for nothin! so i decided, this time im not goin to waste my time. if they rnt goin to select me, im goin to make them confused. i went there exhausted from the office work as if i dont care much, what ever he asked me, i just replied i know all of them, cant remember now as im not in touch but im confident to do anythin that u give me....:P.... durin the interview once -
recruiter- r u ready to be posted outside dhaka, for example in Bogura?
me: sir, what is frequency of posting here in banglalink?
recruiter- u will be posted for three years there.
me: then the answer is no.
R- y?
me: above all, my parents are old now i cant live without them. more over i dont have any friends there!!!
R- huh! friends?! the company will pay u, not ur friends.
me: i knw that. they would, in my need, if they could.

sounds pretty weird right[may be i did make him confused, lets see]? or like a fool. yeah im a pretty dumb head back in here. but what can i do! i just cant live without friends. my parents are also scoldin me constantly and sayin, these friends will not stay the rest of ur life. but i knw they will. i just pray to Almighty Allah, please Allah dont make me regret my remarks in any part of my life. i just dont want to find myself admittin my parents and the recruiter were right regardin my friends.


Unknown said...

what should i say! Every time I read interview related experience from either you or dipu I feel like "o my god ! I've to face them!!!"
Anyway good luck for the bangla link.

aragorn said...

i feel the same way shafi... i get afraid to face the interviews...:S

কিংবদন্তি said...

intrview ei rokom... ? :O

amar obossho kono ideai nai.. :(

dekha jaak ki opekkha korche..amader jnno... student life ta seshmesh enjoy kore nei...:P

aragorn said...

guyz, i hope u dont have to face the same problems .... good luck.

Anonymous said...

is this the real scenario?? i'm perplexed completely. but dont worry u know i always tell u...something well will surely work out...this might prick u at this moment since things aren't takin turn for good...but patience should be the point of departure for u...

aragorn said...

yeah anika... this is the real scene... im tryin to have patience

Anonymous said...

nepotism is everywhere more or less! frm what i have heard about bangladesh i don't see much difference here .... (well the situation is getting better i guess .. cuz i've got one without reference) but interviews suck regardless,,... i think being straight forward is way better than lying {i had to lie unfortunately :( (ya.. now i blame my fortune though i don't belive in it)}

anyways.. what did u derive "vakua" frm? :-S never heard of that word b4

aragorn said...

audity, vakua is a bangla slang, infact a intra grp slang. we use it in our iut frnds. it means "meaning less adda, with meaninless/meaninful topics for hours"....:D

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