Wednesday, January 03, 2007

a year since....

its been a year since i have started my career as a software engineer. and im a little confused about how i should be feeling right now! for circumstances have changed, my mentality distorted(!), aim deterred. i was never a hero who can fight along all the odds alone and here i am alone in the course of my life, without the friends i would like to have beside me with the same goal. i am sucker for appreciation from fellow mates, friends and elders. i don't know how i leave this wanting.

anyways dont get disturbed by my thought.... listen to this song instead.(real player needed.)

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About Me

the most common nick i got from my friends is angry-kid or anger management(needed). i normally see the glass half empty. the ideas i believe in are mostly laughed at by people. as much irritated, saddist pessimistic as a human being can be....X-(