Friday, July 13, 2007


regular readers of this blog(if there any!) knows how weird situations i face frequently here are some more....

1. a few days back i left the office leaving a thousand works to do for a more important event to attend and intended to come back. while returning to office, it started raining and i was in a auto-rickshaw. in the middle(literally) of the road the auto stopped and wont start again. it was raining like hell and as dhaka has the worst drainage system possible there was knee deep water on the road and the cars behind the auto were coming fast and splashing water. my auto driver preferred an accident than getting down and pushing the auto a side of the road. but i thought i better get down unless i will sure die in here like a rat. i jumped into the pool(road) and saw a bus passing. in dhaka anyone can jump into a local bus from anywhere, a bus-stop is not required. i saw a bus and tried to jump in as i was wet already and had no intention to get totally drenched. the bus conductor stopped me from getting in!! if you ever been to dhaka you must know it is near to impossible to happen such kinda thing, because these buses stick to the road and load the bus until they can inject one more pin inside. anyways... i was startled and looked at him asking what is the matter? he answered, that the bus is loaded(which was not, there were empty seats) and cant let me in. doubly surprised i said,"bhije jachhi re bhai!(i am getting soaked man.)".... making me feel like a fool he replied, "bristi hoitese, bhijben na??!!(it is raining and you want to stay dry??!!)"...... huh!!! :O

2. today when i was returning to home from my office i was totally tired after the days work and didnt want to wait a second in the road. but i had something else in luck waiting. to give the context, the distance is not far and i travel this path by human-paddled rickshaws. the road is not repaired for years and it looks like a trench. i dont like to walk on this road and rickshaw pullers obviously dont like to ride too. nobody wanted to go to my destination and my throat started to ache by asking every passing rickshaw. suddenly a rickshaw puller advised to me, "rasta thhik koren!!!(repair the road if you want the luxury of rickshaw!!)" :-S.... :@.... and i wanted to reply [rasta ki amar baper???] but couldnt..............

PS: i read this line somewhere. cant remember where... the like goes like this - i scattered a jokes once. everybody laughed. i started to cry. cause the jokes was about me!!


Dipu Nobody said...

Reply of no-1 incident:
my suggestion next time when the conductor push u back then start to pull him out and see how it works! :D

Reply of no-2 incident:
next time if they disagree then dont ask anything- just jump up to rickshaw! if they disagree to move then get down and again try some more :D

for the bottom line of the post:
it happens most of the time to me:(

[after one year i came back my friend]

Mahmudul Hasan said...

[Dipu Bhai , you are back]

aragorn said...

well said dipu... but just by asking is enough maddening. i cant think if i have to jump on and off the rickshaw for 40/50 times!! [EGAAD!!!]

welcome back... this time stay.

Front Porch Society said...

Very interesting to learn to about the different mode of transportation elsewhere.

aragorn said...

well usaincognito im happy that you found it interesting... :D

Foring said...

I just randomly found your blog..and read for last 1~2 hours..
its full of fun! and u write pretty good! mashaAllah

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