Sunday, March 19, 2006

new house!!!

one of my frnd, dipu gave me this link

i have felt difficulties when using the blogger blog. but didnt knw how to solve the problem. so opened the wordpress blog. the most amazing thing is it gives u the option to import all the post frm the blogger blog. so i did so. and im happy. though dont knw what to do now. whether to redirect the blogger site to this one or just refer there about me!!!… well feeling more like im changing my house. :O

my new house -

there is one thing i enjoyed in the blogger site. i could manipulate the template of the site. dont knw whether its available in here or not.
lets see what time tells me. give some advice please what to do??


Dipu Nobody said...

tareq no doubt that wordpress is one of the best and ofcourse it is far far better than blogger blog.

u can ping, u can maitnain rss feeds and moreover u can write blogs in categories and lots lots of facilities are there ..

so change .. but it true that why i am not changing .. yes I am also kind of home sick ..and I dont like to change though :(

its up to u bro ..

Unknown said...

The comparison isn't totally accurate. Like blogger provides RSS 2.0 but they say blogger doesn't.
Again blogger pings who eventually pings all blog directories. But they say that blogger don't. By the way you can also use for third party pinging.
And you can also try a completely different locality

Another thing is I am not too sure but I think worldpress templates are editable and you can actually build your own template and submit them into worldpress. Try

phew.... But I like blogger because I can do whatever I like with it. :P
Even categorizing is simple to do using a few clicks.. Try delicious aka

aragorn said...

are khaise!!... now i dont knw what to say... i have to do a lot of things now to check whether it actually works or not. ok i will give it another try. but may be not now, not yet.

Dipu Nobody said...

oi shafi categorizing er bepar ta clear kor .. oi link e to dhuke na ...

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