Thursday, December 28, 2006

happy new year and eid mubarak

another eid and another year is coming to our lives and im still busy with simple tasks that i should have handles easily. i visit my blog site everyday with the intension to write my feelings and share the musings of my daily life and cant gather enough urgency inside to make it a reality. may be another day is my usual thought and i have started to enjoy escapism. i am actually an escapist. the world is moving on its usual track as ever and nothing seems to stop.

in the meantime the spectacular golden jubilee of Udayan Bidyalaya had been organized by the alumni association. long lost friends have reunited once again. shared old memories and shivered as nostalgia struck us. danced with people i never have dreamed i would. and yet i returned home with a little numbness about the whole event. as if nothing happened there! very few things touch and stay inside my heart for long. somehow i have learned during course of time how to ignore them. and ended up ignoring all. more like - "in the end nothing else matters".

anyway i will come back another day with some new weird ideas of mine. till then Happy New Year and Eid Mubarak.


Unknown said...

Happy new year and eid mubarak to you too :)

Anonymous said...

wishes from pestland to you! B-) fik fik .. apnio lutha new blogger e switch korsen??? amar hangman koi??? :'( uaaaaaaa site er ei dosha kan :'( comment ke ke korse dekha jay na kan??? :'(

aragorn said...

thanx and how ya doin?? :D

aragorn said...

dear pesky pest... ke tumi bujhtesi na... lutha new blogger e giye onek feature haray gese....:-S... ki korbo... notun er joyogaan to shorbotro... :P

savannaview said...

Tareq bhaia belated eid mubarak and happy new year:)
pesky pest audity chhara ar keu hote parena:P

aragorn said...

same to u moon... yeah i thought so too...:D

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