Sunday, January 07, 2007

Help the people of Vobodoho

Vobodoho is an area at Jessore, which is submerged into floodwater since last two years. Approximately one hundred thousand people lives in this water clogged area. The people of this area are suffering a lot, but our govt. did not take any step to solve this problem. Some students of DU have started raising fund for helping them. U can also help by sending SMS to 2233. Write Vobo, and send it to 2233 (from any operator). So, please send SMS as much as u can and start your new year with a noble task. Your little attempt can save many lives. So please send SMS as much as u can till January 18 and tell everyone to send SMS too.

this site is specially created for vobodoho related news....

NB: your SMS is useful only if you are in Bangladesh.

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