Wednesday, January 24, 2007

rent a protester!!!

bangladesh is a country which is going through continuous political crisis and for a country with such amount of poor people, the rich can always gather a crowd that will give slogan for him and clap at his words in the political meetings and gatherings. its a common trend in here. they rent the people, gather them for a day for demonstration and average people around the country will have a wrong impression of the team. it is one kind of showing off knowing where everybody knows the "truth behind".

anyways, the question is why am i jabbering about such a cheap trick? because germans are officially marketing the same product (supporter/protesters) in a manner as if they are giving rent to cars. check these links - bbc, german site.

german online rental market has now opened a section for protestors that are available for hire. in their words - "you have a cause but you lack supporters? you want to stage a demonstration but have no friends? there's no reason to sulk anonymously anymore. these days in Germany, protesters are available for hire." and they are young, good-looking, and available for around 150 euros (£100), more than 300 would-be protesters.

here you go rent them and have fun.

we should have patented this idea..... :-?

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