Monday, March 20, 2006

bangladeshi men too sexy!!

one of my foreign frnd frm mauritania is now in malaysia. and he gave me this information that the ratio of men to women in malaysia is 1:8 ... :O... hearin that we were jokin that we all must go to malaysia. coz what will happen to the rest 7 girls!!... hahahahahaha.

anyway, i heard that news somewhr frm my frnds. but didnt believe that. now i can see its actually true. and the problem is - malaysian girls are finding bangladeshi men too sexy!!!... and cant resist themselves.... i wish all the women around the world could see us frm the eyes of those malaysian girls...:P... anyway i found this out frm the shakia's post. though she is actually refering to this link. u can check this link also.


Shakia said...

:O It's Shakia Mr!!

Dipu Nobody said...

i raise my two hands for the remaining 7 ..

salem,oleen take me there .. :((

"baroio malayasia kharoio malayasia ahare tanatune .. "(means: i have a dream to trip malayasia.. i have a desire top trip malayasia.. malayasia is calling me .. )

aragorn said...

it was an honest typing mistake... sorry for that. i have changed it..

and hahahahahah to dipu

Mohamed said...

Sorry man. I misinformed u.
The ratio of man to women here in malaysia is not that high. Even though women are superior in numbers to men, the ratio doesn't exceed 3-1. However, men here are hardly noticeable, and women are hardly ignoreable, u can't avoid them, they're everywhere...Lucky me...!

aragorn said...

i dont mind 1:3 also... ;)

Dipu Nobody said...

na na 1:3 is not enough :((

Unknown said...

He he, Dipu, bhai amar. Before going for managing 1:3, try to find a stable 1:1. Special focus on "stable"

Unknown said...

He he, Dipu, bhai amar. Before going for managing 1:3, try to find a stable 1:1. Special focus on "stable"

aragorn said...


Anonymous said...

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