Monday, March 20, 2006

oi ghura ghura!!

a boy is sitting studyin in his room. at that moment heard that someone is telling somebody -"ghura ghura (move it round) "....

confused, the boy tried to keep on his studying.
then heard - " daine daine (take it on ur right)!"

the boy got up to check whats going on.
"eibar niche nama. ekhon upore utha. shabash. (bring it down and move it up. good.)".

the boy say a man is sitting with his 5 yrs child with a happy face saying- " bujhli eibhabe teen(3) likhte hoy!! (this is the way to write 3!!)".

-courtasy Alpin (Protom Alo).


Anonymous said...

hay hay! ato kosto 3 likhte teri pai nai!!! :D:D... nice blog here... but u spelt my name wrong :(:( its auditY :P

aragorn said...

sorry... i got that frm ur blog name... anyway... now its changed no problem i hope.:)

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