Thursday, April 06, 2006

2 weird nights on saint martin's island

i always like to travel around. it makes me feel good. also i dont like to be in the crowd. so most of the times i wish to go some places whr ppl dont go normally or whn ppl wont go normally. but now i have office to attend, so i dont have much opportunity to chose frm. whn i got the 3 days vacation last month frnds frm iut_cit(islamic university of technology_computer science and IT) went to saint martin's island. and the island was jam packed with tourists, in this monsoon.

anyway, we started at 9:30 frm dhk by bus. it was a hot humid day in dhk whn we left. as we were 10 in number and we kept on chattin whole night long (other passengers - sorry for their sleep!)... at 2/3 AM in the night suddenly we were in a dense fog!!!! and started feeling cold. amazing! do anybody expect fog in this spring whn the avg day temperature is around 30 degree!!reached cox's bazar at 7 AM. got into a bus to teknaf. it was a hell of a ride. was feelin im in a roller coaster, jumping, banging, twisting....:P

teknaf... 9AM... stopped in the jetty waiting for the seatruck to start. ppl in here are very poor. they will stare at strangers in a odd way. ........... [to be continued]


Dipu Nobody said...

The bad thing is people in teknaff also crave for money always .. anywayz! we choose the BUS (not the Micro Bus) for teknaff- and this was fortunate - don`t u agree ? as we saw one Micro Bus fell beside the Road side to teknaff which crossed us two times..

dont stop.. [comments will also be continued]

aragorn said...

im so bz in the bullshit in my office...i wish i could write the whole post at a time..

Anonymous said...

i always wanted to go there even though i hate to travel... actually there are so many places to visit in bd, i don't understand why people go abroad... stupid ppl "dekhe na dui chokhkhu melia"

aragorn said...

hate to travel!!!...:O what do u like most?

Anonymous said...

yup dipu..i remember the JHARI u gave to the hotel boy in takenaf..just the way u did in our tour in chittagong..we were 25 at tht time..we ordered tea in Comilla, i guess..n @ da end, the hotel boy billed 5tk/cup of tea..n dipu shouted "Bangladesher kon jaigai cha 5tk"..da hotel boy replied without ny hesitation "thik ase mamu..3 tk koira dian" as if he was prepared fr it..:D

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