Wednesday, April 05, 2006


while browsing the net i have found some interesting sites...

string spin, its site for the childs i guess! but u might find it cool. u will draw online and the string will move on the very moment. :P

i always search for good free online music server.... and i have found this one. but u need a very good connection for this one...

this link is frm the daily bhorer kagoj, telling about a bangladeshi porn star got award in las vegas!!! after knwing bangladehsi men too sexy, its clear the bangladeshi women sexy also!!! no kidding. i know that. but its not the way to explain that...:P ( u need to open it on internet explorer).

in india, the culture is westernized very fast. and here is a link saying that. i knw that bangladesh is not far behind and im observing and realizing that on everyday life.

i always say that world is getting smaller by the days... so the cultures will be mixed if we dont try to keep it. and if the mixture is not supervised we will get weird combination that will bring only shame for us. more like - ghora+gadha=khocchor... (dont knw the english). i hope nobody wants that after cross breeding of the cultures.

and this link is for the ppl interseted in anatomy and such things. check it out.

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