Sunday, April 02, 2006


i watched the movie munich this weekend. yet another classic movie directed by steven speilberg. he is a genius. i feel amazed by his skill and talent and at the same time i feel bad that he is a jew. though i think im a liberal person in many cases, i always hate the jews. and it is foretold that jew are the most talented and most cursed ppl on earth. as their wisdom will pull a shade on their eye, heart and soul.....

anyway, rather going to a difficult argument let me say something about this movie. it was nominated for best direction in the oscar. and i was not surprised to knw that. coz its really a good movie. over the world the jews protested against this movie. as it shows some deep hidden acts done by the israeli government.

the story is like this - in olympic 1972 munich, an arab terrorist group kidnapped 11 israeli athletes and demanded the 300/350(cant remember exactly) palestiny ppl held, by israel, be released. on this event 11 hostages were dead and some of the kidnappers. the israeli govt. sent a 5 person assassin grp to find and kill the arab ppl behind this kidnapping. the main character is a devout husband and dad in his personal life, went on killing the arab persons. and felt that "an eye for an eye is not a good idea at all".

anyway speilberg said - he made this movie to reveal the truth. and critics all over the world praised his work. he did it well.

BUT, while watching this movie- the assassin grp was in trouble now and then, as it was a dangerous mission- i felt tense for the very israeli assassins (arent they terrorist also!) whn they faced danger!!!.... and i was amazed again- how tactfully speilberg made all the watchers feel for the killers on the road. though they were actually killing some other killers- what makes them different!!!! lets say both the party are eager to get their vengenance.

if u dont believe me, watch the movie.
some critcs u can check.... link..


Anonymous said...

yup..the movie is designed in such a way tht while seeing thru u will gonna feel fr the 5 person assassin grp..but to me..its still a gr8 movie which has tried to uncover the curtain frm the eyes, hearts n souls of the jews..

aragorn said...

abedin... by curtain on their soul i actually refered Quran... and this curtain wont be lifted ever... and thus they will create problems for ppl all around the world...:S

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sounds interesting! did u watch crash?? i watched parts of it... it seemed good but then it was too long and too full of racism... so i just gave up :P

aragorn said...

hey crash is a good movie... actually the movie is about good ppl in bad act and bad ppl in good act... i think u will like it after u watch the full length of the movie..

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