Sunday, April 30, 2006

y a hero is a hero?!

last thursday night i was watching a movie with my friend Amit. the name of the movie is not important. as in all movies, the hero somehow dont get hurt or get killed. so the question and criticism came- "a hero never dies because the director/writer wants it like that (or atleast doesnt die until the end of the movie). its so silly and unnatural."

i wanted to explain the fact in just a littel different angle. lets define hero. a dictionary says - ...In Mythology and folklore, a hero (male) or heroine (female) is an eminent character who quintessentially embodies key traits valued by its originating culture. The hero commonly possesses superhuman capabilities or idealized character traits which enable him or her to perform extraordinary, beneficial deeds (i.e., a "heroic deed") for which he or she is famous.

in my words, almost everyone is hero/heroine in his/her life. because he/she is the main character. in movies a hero never gets killed till the end because its his story. if he is dead the story ends. if the story ends in the middle then its not worth creatin a movie about him. so only those who are successul in the quest they have in lives, are the heroes. movies are created of their stories. and thus they dont die, though everyone around them are just fallin apart.

NB: dont scold me pls...:P


Anonymous said...

every1 is hero/heroine in his/her life..not bad..but how it becomes if someone in some point in his life feels that he/she is nothing but a villain..coz a villain stays till the end as well..

aragorn said...

a villain is a hero in his story... and being bad is the ideal of that story... shahrukh khan was first popular actin as a villain. so dont neglect them...:P

Dipu Nobody said...

tar mane ki tareq villain concept ta batil ?

he he .. yeah eita bhabte bhalo lageje i am hero in my own life ! ohh yes !

aragorn said...

are dipu je!!!... i thought u were dead... yeah... in the story of ur villain, u r the villain and the villain is the hero...:P

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