Wednesday, June 21, 2006

beat the drum

being an iutian has a major drawback for social image for the iutian. before writing further let me say it is the only international university of bangladesh. yes, it is not a private university. there is a reason behind me shouting like that. everytime i was introduced to somebody, the common question i had to face is, "what is iut?". once a relative of my frnd said, "banger chhatar moto koto kisu je ber hochhe idaning!" i said, "excuse me this was established back in 1981, though it was ICTVTR, it started graduation programme in 1994 with the name IIT(Islamic Institute of Technology, now IUT). im sorry that u dont know what is going inside ur country." so she said,"oh then IIT started the private university craze?" :@... my reply was, "no ma'm, its an international university." and said to myself, "calm down, u have to explain to ppl who dont use their brain.".......

another interesting event was like this - one of my iutian frnd was traveling from iut - dhk. while talkin with the stranger in the next seat he said that he is an iutian. and was replied with, "huh! y didnt u get chance in the X university(not naming it)?" completely disgusted he said, "no i didnt get chance there." it was kind of true, coz he actually didnt get chance there. how would he without giving the exam? :P

sometimes you have to beat ur drum. else nobody is goin to do it for u. The Daily Star Web Edition Vol. 5 Num 734

germany played very attacking yesterday against ecuador and klose has 2 goals in the 3-0 scoreline. and im not glad that germany is becoming invincible. actually nobody is except the german supporters that is. on another important game england vs sweden was a tie.
so two matches are fixed for the second round.
1. germany vs sweden.
3. england vs ecuador.

im expecting the match between argentina and holland is going to be spectacular. both the team is playin cool now. let there be fight for honor....:D

here is a rather exotic idea to create a clock.


Manzur's Lonely Planet said...

tareq, those who doesnt know about IUT let them stay in the darkness. But see one thing, who ever knows about IUT never ask any foolish questions...ha ha ha ...

IUT nia amader o kom bitter oviggota na...

anyway ... Long Live IUT!!!

The Bengali Fob said...

Unfortunately the Argentina- Netherland game turned out to be extremely boring compared to the drama unfolding between the Serbs and Ivory Coast!

Did you watch it? Truly exciting! One of the best matches in the world cup.

ARe you an Argentina fan?

nalumoni said...

dear GOD, the clock thing was CREEPY. I don't know why but it scared the beejeesus outta me. reminded me of The Ring I guess.

Anyways, I hope the Netherlands win. I have a vested interest in them.

aragorn said...

thanx manzur, long live iut..

dear fob, i do agree with u. its ivory cost was a great team. and the game was exciting too. but they are out..:( i support brazil and spain. :D

nowal, did u check the other works in the site? they all are exceptional. some may be creepy too. i was thinkin about the man who is constantly writing and wiping the digits...;))... anyway, cheers to u, holland won.

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