Thursday, July 06, 2006

italy, france made it to berlin

i felt anguish once again in the same worldcup!...:S... as i wasnt supporting any team the first semi final felt a rather boring to me [though most ppl dont think so]. so i decided to support portugal in the second semi final. and they are out! damn it. brazil lost against france had a reason, brazil couldnt play at all. where in portugal dominated the whole match. i wanted to see ronaldo, miguel, maniche to sprint through the midfield and it happened. i wanted to see the true competetion and i saw it. but the defense of france kept standing like the great wall which i didnt want...:P... anyway, the penalty shoot out was reasonable. coz it was a delibarate try to stop henry, but in an illegal way. ricardo almost stopped the shot by zidane. but zidane somehow found his charm back in fullest form. unlucky is the word for portugal. at the injury time of the second half Ricardo(goal keeper) came in the Dbox of france! and i felt bad for them. [aha re..:P]. how desperately they wanted to break the defense, with no result. better luck next time ronaldo!

now italy will play against france in the final match in berlin. and it makes me worried! to me 3-3 is a better game to watch than 0-0.... and i can see the final match will be like 1-0 or end with a tie breaker. lets wait and see who wins the title for the next four years.

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The Bengali Fob said...

Yes, Portugal did play an awesome game eh? However, I was cheering for Zidane and he got the goal too!

I really hope France plays better offensively in teh final because today's match was a complete bore compared to the Italy-Germany one. Portugal managed to at least scare me a few times, but the French offense was lacking today incredibly. Zidane touched the ball very few times in the second half actually! He touched the ball like two or three tiems that's it!

The only offensive player on the French side seemed to be Ribbery for me. And the French defense was of course amazing. I can't say taht for Barthez though. He was good, but he almost gave a dozen heart attacks to French fans! Thuram was awesome!

Go Zidane Go!

aragorn said...

the competetion appears depending on the spectators supporting. thats y its seemed borin to u, but seemed competetive to me. which happened the other way round in the first semi final. i write what i think. i guess it doesnt offend any reader and certainly not u FOB...:D

Dipu Nobody said...

yes I agree tareq that the tackle of the ball in the d-box was illegal but it should also be considered that in the d-box these kind of fouls should not be counted :( ye "unlucky" is the word for Portugal !!

The match was all in all good .. I enjoyed .. at the same time I am again amazed to see the prediction of Ricardo.. he again touched the ball in penalty shooot-out.

@fob- yeah Ribery is always kind of aggressive and Thuram is really a good backy and Barthez? he he .. he is such a bad keeper always .. :P

Atlast I again want to say that Cannabaro, Matirezzi, Nesta will not allow MR. Zidane to score and Thuram is not enough to stop Lukatoni .. he he he ... Italy .. arjoory .. joga bonito..

Unknown said...

Man have you seen ricardo did a bicycle kick when he was at opponent's D? the pass almost got them a goal.
And he once again guessed the right direct at penalties. But unfortunate to him zidane was to accurate to score.

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