Monday, October 09, 2006

breathing earth

dont get too excited about your new born kid. coz to make room for it you must die....:P this site gives you the distinct idea that if you want to help this world a little, you better die or start planning to leave the planet. in that way you will not be the cause of pollution and a new born baby will be able to stand on the place you are currently standing on. well in countries like bangldesh, literally 100 people are sharing the same space of one person....:P... just kidding. there is one dedicated population clock for bangladesh. check this out. i feel a bit of proud...:-S

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the most common nick i got from my friends is angry-kid or anger management(needed). i normally see the glass half empty. the ideas i believe in are mostly laughed at by people. as much irritated, saddist pessimistic as a human being can be....X-(