Wednesday, October 18, 2006

changed to blogger beta

yay! im in the blogger beta now!...:D

a few days back i have found the long awaited blue box in the dashboard informing the new option i have. is it the post where i have made one trifle attempt to catch notice of the blogger developer team? is it because my blog is so popular!!! or is it because everybody is getting the chance to migrate? :-?

while migrating i was afraid what is going to happen. there was a warning like this - 'you cannot switch back to the old blogger once you migrate'. it made me really scared. it sounds crazy but i dont like to delete written codes. no matter how unnecessary they are. for example the two visitor tracker i have embedded in the main page. will they survive? or is it going to be deleted and i will have only the old posts with a complete new simple template where i cant do anything! deleting means killing!! isnt it? my computer has a load of meaningless, extra files, s/w that i cant get rid of. do they have a soul!!!:-?... i feel like they are begging, - please sir dont kill me this way!... heh heh...

anyway the good thing is i have switched over to the blogger beta. and it is solving the known issues. more over i have my old template and i can edit them like before. so its all for the good... :D

source(the pic is cool. i couldnt resist adding it)

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Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah :|

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