Monday, October 30, 2006

crash! bang! boom!

bangladesh is experiencing a very bad political hangover. while the normal people are supposed to be fresh from the long vacation and sweet days of eid, they are beat to death, chopped into half and shot like dogs by another bangladeshi. and almost for nothing. the whole bangladesh watched in horror how the life of a human being is lost so cheap. there used to be a time when the political parties had the attitude to win the election. now they want the other party to lose. wait it is the same, right? not really. because days back winning the election meant control over everything within the country and great opportunity to get rich. and now if the opponent party wins you will be shot/burnt/hanged. such is the situation now.

certainly the people that died during the last 2 days are somehow connected to the politics. i dont trust the politicians and i dont join their procession. as simple as that. but i was thinking what came to the person's mind just before death!!! i felt bad for the victim's family. coz they watched their loved one being beat like a rat or worse than that. they kept beating the lying dead body, with bamboo sticks, of someone they dont know off. how much angry u need to be to kill a fellow person just like that!! may Allah bless the departed souls and help the alive ones for their own good.


Unknown said...

I watched in ntv news a man was beaten to death with blunt instruments like sticks and oars. How painful can it be!

savannaview said...

khomotar lobhabe manush onek onnay kaaj kore seta jantam..kintu math porjaye jara maramari korchhilo tarato ar mp hotona..kichhu takar jonno manush manushke kibhabe khun kore eta na dekhle bissash kortam na:(..etaki thanda mathay khun bolena?political karone hoya esob khuner to kono bicharo hoyna..suffer kore sudhu victimer family e.

Nabeel said...

yes I heard it in the news that there were riots and such in Bangladesh .. did u know that Dhaka is one of the most unsafe places to live in the world?

politicians are not to be trusted in any setting.

aragorn said...

its a sad situation... we are clueless about the permanent solution.

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