Monday, November 27, 2006

wrong number

a few days back i got a call from an unknown number. i received and said -
caller: hello, tareq sir?
i got confused. nobody is supposed to call me with a sir. in bangladesh people use this title only to the teacher or someone superior in the office. anyway i thought any of my friends is jokin. so i replied - yes, tareq speaking.
caller: sir, it's me. do you recognize me?
- no, i'm sorry. i dont. who is it?
the caller just ignored the question and said - sir, are you still in iut?
huh! i have passed last year i thought - no, im not in iut anymore.
the caller got surprised - really! sir you still dont recognize me?
- no. :-S.
caller: weren't you in iut?
- yes.
caller: i was your student sir.
i got totally confused. because i was a student in iut. not a teacher.
- may be you did a mistake. i am tareq and i was in iut. but i wasnt a teacher there.
a little pause from the other side - oh! im sorry then.

how on earth somebody thought me i was a teacher???? :-? hmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

I think he/she confused you with Tareq sir. I feel sorry for you my firend. He isn't the best to be confused with...

BTW, was the caller a male or a female? i'm guessing a male since he was a student in IUT.

aragorn said...

hey mohamed!! i was guessing so. and certainly the caller was male...:(

Unknown said...

heh what a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

khikkzz :D

Manzur's Lonely Planet said...

Oi tareq, Sunsos naki..Tareq Sir naki Bia kortese at last. Tai suti te ase...saki bhai, hasan bhai and mahbub bhai (Lecturer, stamford) khujtasilo tareq sir re...ora hoite jigas nai oida ke?

tor khbr ki?

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