Thursday, January 04, 2007

cold in dhaka and the rickshaw puller

its really cold today in Dhaka as it is quite foggy now in the morning and wind is blowing to crack the bones. i know its nothing compared to other parts of the world but we Bangladeshis cant tolerate temperature under 10 degree Celsius. when i came out of my home to go to my office i felt i have made a mistake and i should put an extra jumper inside the jacket. anyways so i hired a rickshaw. the rickshaw puller is as poor as any other and had less warm clothes than me. i was shivering in the cold wind and feeling a little ashamed looking at the rickshaw puller.

when we reached my office i thought - why not offer the rickshaw puller a warm cup of tea from the tea stall. so we sat down on the bench of the roadside tea stall and ordered two cup of tea. my body was still shaking a little from the cold. but i was feeling good for my deed. the rickshaw puller looked at me and said - "Allah apnaderi shukh dise, tai na?(Allah has granted you enough happiness, isn't it?)"

i was startled, surprised and speechless.

NB: 2007 is going to be the warmest year in record.
photo : wrenda


Aisha said...

That is a powerful story.

I feel guilty when the shoe shiners or others seek to do that type of work. Especially if they are disabled, etc. But they have to earn a living and if I can help them in that its good... And at least its better to give them money they earned than to dispense charity and make them feel like beggars.

Still- its sad...

aragorn said...

yes aisha it is really sad. and when he said that he was smiling and i felt so awkward that i didnt know how to reply, even couldnt manage a smile. coz even a smile might seem false....:(

Anonymous said...

I am amazed you guys in Bangladesh or Asia have any feelings less the well-off then yourselves. Here in London, there are poor people sleeping on pavements on this cold and damp day and everyone ignores (or even feels contempt) them. The irony is that the poor souls of London are to be found in the doorways of the millionares and the business district of City of London.

aragorn said...

dear sam, thanx for the comment. i think everywhere(london or dhaka) in this world you will find people who have feelings for the less well-off. dont know y its amazing...:-S... feeling a little insulted... and speechless again....:-?

savannaview said...

its really sad:(

Unknown said...

Hardship stories. Hmm, let me share some.

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aragorn said...

ello dere...:D

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