Thursday, January 25, 2007

hope to hope

i don't know what went wrong. when everything is improving and you are static in your position you will feel like drowning. may be i am too pessimistic to be awarded, too blind to see the silver line beside the dark moon. i feel lost and humiliated. when i smile it shows the hidden pain. when i talk the anger gets twisted with the words. certainly one cant laugh to be beaten mercilessly. or may be i am putting too much color in the thought!

but all things aside one thing is true, one must keep hoping and not lose faith no matter what how dark the night might be. it just seems that i have been doing that for decades.


Anonymous said...

Hold on my really doesnt matter how dark the night might b right now..coz the sun will surely b rising very soon..till then..hold on to urself..

Anonymous said...

guess I know how you improves...and gets worse again...get used to it..both good and bad..

aragorn said...

ah! look who r here! abedin and samara!! thanx for coming back guyz... :)

Mohamed said...

You are right, the only way is to keep your spirit up and never give up.
The curve is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn!

cheer up and all will be well!

aragorn said...

thanx mohamed

Foring said...

Certainly after hardship, there is an ease :)
Hope to hope, nice :)

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