Thursday, August 23, 2007

a time be remember

last week i took the chance to go to Notre Dame College after a long long time. it seems ages. i have passed from there in the year of 2001 and our very active, fast and reliable education board took the pain to prepare our certificate after 6 years! am i glad!! i think i should be. anyways, when i entered the college premises lots of memories rushed to my mind. it was a time to be nostalgic. after collecting the certificate i realized that it might be the last legal string i am cutting with it. notre dame college will be in my heart until i die for making me a proud student of it. thanx...


Unknown said...

:( Good old those days...
By the way, write a how to of collecting hsc certificates. :P

aragorn said...

prerequisites - admit card/ registration card.

preparation - find some free time from the office as you have to visit on office days. this is the hardest part.

manage a vehicle to NDC.

go to the office counter whr the angry office staffs are working.

produce enough docs to authenticate yourself and bhoom... its done.

PS: dont forget to go to the canteen to have a cup of tea... :D... i love it sooooooooooo.... :P

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