Friday, October 19, 2007


i dont know what happened to my writing habit. i cant give shape the simplest of the thoughts . i visit this site like any other visitor. i look back at the posts i have written and wonder about the zeal i used to have. nothing seems to get elaborated no matter how much i want to stretch it. when i need this skill the most. as i am preparing for the gre exam my stock of words seem to decrease gradually to nothin..... :-S

lately i have enjoyed two movies very much. one is "earth" of deepa mehta and the other is "aha" directed by enamul kobir nirjhor. dont knw why i liked these. may be because i liked to get confused these days.... here is a lyrics of a confusing song from more confusing movie "aha"...

dur isharay bohu dure achre pore akash
ki hoy toder ektukhani ador beshi makhash.
durer manush, kachher manush jotil shomikoron
shorol moner torol kadhe korchhi take boron.
dur isharay bohu dure.....

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Anonymous said...

chimti! I'm suffering from the same thing! although I never really managed to figure out what was good about my writing, my entries were always 'meh.. mane nai' to me :P akhon oi mane nai tao mane chhara hoye gese mone hoitese :'(

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