Sunday, December 02, 2007

follow up: trip to birishiri

today i was requested on IM from mr 'bohemian'... he is interested to go to birishiri... and found me through this post. i wanted to help him, though i could not provide enough useful information i guess. in this trip i almost had to do nothin. because my friends organized the whole tour, i just joined the party and enjoyed. they hired a microbus for the whole day. the driver guided us to birishiri. my friends managed a boat and we went to the border through the river somessor. i got in and enjoyed and this is the exact same way i came back to dhaka... :)... anyway i asked mr 'Bohemian' about the source of my blog out of interest and found out that google is the culprit behind this total misunderstanding.
me: amar blog kothe theke pailen... ektu jante ichha kortese
me: :)
Bohemian: ami google e dhoika birishiri netrokona lekhe search disi
Bohemian: then pailam
me: hahahahahahaha
me: joss

moral: shob google er dosh... i didnt have the faintest interest to give any tour plan to birishiri. i apologize for not being able to provide fruitful information. i posted the pictures with no specific purpose... :)

tips: find a friend like i have and let him arrange the whole thing... ;)


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