Sunday, February 19, 2006

i once enjoyed a movie named "bedazzaled"... starred by brandon fraser and elizabeth hurley (this actress is somethin... she has a attractive figure, but more over she has a cool accent... listenin to her voice will make u feel aristrocrat!!)... its an average commedy/romantic movie... but i enjoyed the storyline... elizabeth hurley acts as satan and offers fraser 7 choices.. anythin he wants... but he is very much in love with a girl... so we wanted the girl as her wife, power and money... he woke up and found he is a mexican druglord!!(power and money)... found the girls as her wife... but she has an affair with her spanish teacher... and along with money and power came trouble... he came back and found that the girl likes sensitive man... so his second wish, he wants to be the most sensitive man on the earth and the girl must love him... this time he found himself with the girl on the seabeach, cryin as the birds are flyin or the sun is settin(being sensitive)... so the girl became so much bored and left with a macho man...angry this time he came back and wished to be the most macho man in the world and offcourse the girl must fall in love with him at the first site... so the wish is fulfilled... we found himself as a 7 feet tall basketball player and he plays so good, he is a star... the girl is a sports reporter, fell in love, saw his penis!! and found it amazingly tiny!!.. so the girl runs away... hahahah... and thus goes the story...

the point is, no matter how well formed and thought wish he asks for, hurley makes it a nightmare..

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Dipu Nobody said...

if Hurley comes to u and ask for 7 wishes ?
what would be yours ?

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