Sunday, February 19, 2006

one of my frnd asked me if i got the chance fraser got .. what i would want... hahahahah.. thanx dipu.. the main reason of that blog is - i think my life is just like fraser... anywish of mine that is fulfilled turn out to be a night mare too...!!! and anydream, which has no scope to turn to be a night mare, never comes true!!!.... anyway if ms. hurley would come in front of me and ask what i want... hahahahah... i'd like to kiss her!!!..hahahahah... that would be a great experince kissin the lucifer in human being.... offcourse i have some dreams but i cant say all of them to u..; 0.... but some, i can..... the two things i want mostly currently is a gf(what???).... and a better place to work and be paid more( the last two are not two wishes... they are one complex/compund wish)!!!... shit... these are all dreams that wont come true...: -(

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Dipu Nobody said...

yeah ma dhoinha mate .. yeah I am also craing for that man .. all the 16 years I read in all boys institutions .. ohh .. who will feel ma feelings .. who will come and .. ohh ...

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