Wednesday, March 08, 2006

bangla bhai and the rickshaw puller

bangla bhai is arrested frm his den while he tried blow up himself with a bomb... well everybody knws what now.... with details may be.... yesterday one of my frnds told me that a rumor is out that bangla bhai is dead frm the injury as some splinters got infiltareted deep inside his body.... i was confused whether to believe it or not.... so whn returin to my home, i asked my rickshaw puller, thinkin that he might knw the news, about the condition..
i said, "Bangla bhai naki mara gese, janen naki?(do u knw bangla bhai is dead?)"
the rickshaw puller asked me back, "Bangla bhaier kon neta mara gese? (which leader of bangla bhai is dead?)"
totally confused about what he have said, " what did u say?"
he said again with a what_a_stupid_look at me, "bangla bhai ekta dol and ei doler kon neta mara gese?(bangla bhai is a party and which leader of this party is dead?)" :O
i said to him dumbstruck, "jmb is the party and bangla bhai is the leader of this party."
now his look changed to i_dont_believe_stupids_and_dont_try_to_fool_me and said, "achha??"
i quit tryin to make him understand and went home laughin.


Shakia said...

lol... maybe he is right... like how do we know that osama bin is a person, maybe it is a picture of a dead person.. and it is actually a group...

aragorn said...

!!!... im dumbstruck again... coz i didnt think like that ... !!;)

Shakia said...
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Shakia said...

there you go.. you shouldn't underestimate ones thinking.. then again... I think in this case you you are right..

Anonymous said...

Ms. Shakia..we may not know about Osama bin laden..but we know exactly whts going around us in our own country..bangla vai is a incarnated insult to humanity..n we all here r quite happy tht he has been arrested..btw u may know tht a person can b arrested..but not a grp ;);)

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