Thursday, March 09, 2006

hothat rastay....

"hothat rastay office onchole,
hariye jawa mukh chomke diye bole,
bondu, ki khobor bol.." - suman chatarji

yesterday i was returnin home frm the adda in the beauty's teastall..... i saw a familiar face standin on the footpath.... i recognized and stopped.... he was a frnd, rupok back frm school.... i felt good to see him... he was shouting and cursing someone over the phone..... saw me, ignored me and kept cursing.... i waited for the cursing to stop.... he hungup the call, looked at me and said, "M*****, ***K**, ^%$^&^*^&, lathhi dite ichha kore!!" i was amazed... he havent changed a bit.... then smiled at me and said "ki khbr bol?".... i asked, " what happened man? who were u cursin over the phone?".... he said, "M*****, ***K**, ^%$^&^*^&, lathhi dite ichha kore!!".. hahahahahah.... he havent changed. whn we were in the school, he was a furious shy boy(!).... he used to get furious about many a things but couldnt confront them to protest.... he used to come to me and say, "M*****, ***K**, ^%$^&^*^&, lathhi dite ichha kore!!" hahahahaha.... yes used to say the same thing... and its been 8/9 yrs now..... and he was teased by many.... one of the point was his father's name was "kalam akhond".... but if u can pronounce it like "kala makhon"- means the black butter..... so boys used to ask about "kala makhon" and he raging and angry wanted to kick(lathhi) them.... but never could.... well it was a good feelings to see faces frm childhood.


faisal said...

thnx tareq.....i didn't know much bout Rupak....but now i know a lil bout him....i only knew tht he was crazy bout Susmita.....n that day Rupak asked me, "How is MY Susmita?" .... can u get the word "MY"???

aragorn said...

hahahahaha.... tore lathhi dite chay nai???... and certainly i remember about HIS(!) susmita..:P

Software Area said...

It is so funny

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