Friday, March 10, 2006


did u watch the movie, "anger management" starred adam sandler.... it was a cool funny comedy... here adam sandler is one shy guy, who get irritated by many but cant express that... so he was sent to the anger management program, by a judge, so that he can learn to control his anger!!!.... whn u are too angry and u want to control, take a deep breadth and say goo-os-fra-baa.... hahahahha

well these days i found it too much necessary.... im a short tempered guy. and im lucky my frnds always let me shout and curse and do whatever i want whn im angry.... in a way they r spoiling me... and now im in a position whr i cant do whatever i want.... coz most of my times are spent in my office and i have a lot of things im angry on thr!!!.... i get so much raged whn i leave my office that i have a feelin like gettin a lash on my hand and hit everyone on the road as i walk!!!!.... hahahahahah.... yes its true..:P ... my frnds gave my nick related to this movie...

today suddenly this word came to my mind and tried to inhale a deep breadth and said goo-os-fraa-baa .... and hey it works fine.... u can try urself.... ;-)


Dipu Nobody said...

I think in ur real life story ur boss (the olive) is acting as "Dr Buddy Rydell" and ur 'anger budy' is faiaz bhai. [remember that psychic x-soldier who was the anger buddy of sandler ?!] and there would be a happy ending in ur life story :P

By the way which type of angry people u r?
1) those who explode ?
2) those who implode ?
its not clear in ur blog..

kidding man !
never mind .. u know well that I know why u need goos-fra-baa thing right now .. dont worry man, something good is waiting for u .. till then "goo-oosss-fraa-baaa"

aragorn said...

dipu im the type that normally explode... the sad thing is i cant explode in the office and so im more like in a disguise... which is makin me crazy!!... goosfraba

Unknown said...

I've tried so many times to watch the movie but I failed. :(

Btw in my two years collage life with you I've never seen you to explode in anger.

aragorn said...

shafi... thanx for the comment... but the fact is my rage is known... its a disease i think... i wish thr were somekind of drugs to stop that..;)

faisal said...

tareq....after reading this topic i'm really happy tht atlast u findout somethin to control ur anger...bravo man!! BRAVO!!!!

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