Thursday, March 16, 2006

google page rank

i always wonder, what would happen if there were no google search engine to help us find sites we need. also how do they rank the pages. how one pages come to the first search result for some terms..... and offcourse what brilliant software engineers these ppl are!!!... has a dream to work in the google!!:O... yeap may be an impossible dream, a rather expensive dream. but dreams are dreams. so no problem.

i have a toolbar that shows the google page rank. ranking frm 0 to 10. and saw almost all the time that my blogsite has 0 out of 10.. :( ... today and one day earlier this month this site of mine was showing ranked 5!!!.... i dont knw how... then refreshed the site to verify... page rank stays at 5.... i was so glad..feeling on the top of the world.. after an hour i checked again. and bam. its down to earth again. 0. zeeeerrrrooo!! huh. or should i say duh!

im confuesed now. whether the pageranks shown for other sites are really true. or just some random rnaking!!!

u can check this link. it tried to describe also. but too much confusing.


Unknown said...

It's still unknown how they measure the page ranks. Here's an interesting site that would be useful for you.

But there could be an explanation about your page rank moved to 5 and then came to 0 again. The secret of google's reliability is that they used several servers. Once one failed another one immidiately stored the data backup of that PC to ensure at least a pre-defined number of data backups of that data. So you might have PR 5 on some of google's server :D
Peek into google here,

aragorn said...

thanx shafi.... i wish only that server works!...:D

Shakia said...

I'd say the library!! It was a while I went to the library to look after facts and infos for my assignments... but that's the good old fashion way we used to have before...

Raihan Joty said...

I know how pagerank works.. but google uses some other semantic indexing as well. I can let you know in detail what I know about it> Joty

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