Wednesday, March 15, 2006

nothing lasts forever

yesterday i went to my university - iut (its the only international university in bangladesh) after a long time. the 2nd yr students have organized a freshers reception. and atlast "miles" came to iut. it was a day for rocking, head banging, jumping, shouting...... they were amazed to see the enthusiasm in the iutians... and had to admit that loud, "u guys really rock!".... yeah once again im proud to be an iutian... seeing the known faces once again singing and dancing in unison.

the most bad thing we face as iutians is - we never get any patronizing from our authority and have to request for the permission to organize the yearly fresher welcome and farewell of the seniors. and the fund comes totally from the students of iut. this yr miles demanded 110,000 tk for the concert. and yes not a single sponsor was thr, just bcoz iut doesnot recommend these...:-( .. such a waste of money!....

i can remember whn our batch got admitted in iut, we were the first batch to organize a concert... at that time artcell came for only 25k including the sound system... now im proud we have created a marvellous tradition that will get higher and higher as the days goes by.

how i miss those days.


Dipu Nobody said...

ya ya .. once again the iutians showed there ability to do whatever they want .. :D

Ohh .. i can remember all the days when Tanmoy managed cezzane bhai (below 6).. uff convincing the juniors .. "countrymen are dyin .. hahaha "

I can see those days when I close my eyes .. goin to provost`s room .. while he denied all kind proposals of us .. dancing in insanity .. managing all the boys .. directing from back stage... laughing .. crying .. vomiting after a heavy load .. goin to "gondho hotel" ... smoking under open sky ..smoking beside the lake .. smoking under heavy rain .. smoking while reading .. smoking after the class break .. smoking before sleeping .. singing as loud as our vocal cord can bear .. teasing the seniors from the outfield .. cooking in the kitchen .. stealing the mango from the tree .. eating mango whole night..sleeping+drawing in the class room ..
.. getting fright while watching grudge together .. ohh ohh

"nothing lasts forever
and we both know hearts can change"

penguingolfer89 said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. You got a awesome blog.

aragorn said...

dipu.. shhhh... ppl will think we can do only smokin!!!...

and penguingolfer thanx to u too..:)

faisal said...

my bad luck tht i'm not an IUTIAN (i could be)...but one good thing is tht i never missed IUT...coz i have lot of frndz frm thr n each of thm r "IUT---it's self"...frndz forever

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