Tuesday, March 14, 2006

beer from ur taps?

what if u r an alcoholic and one day u open ur tap to find beer instead of water!!!... sounds wishful thinkin.. or may be crazy!... but it happened in europe... hmm. dont believe me.. check this link.

frm this news in the bbc, suddenly i remember the days of iut. being the university far frm dhaka i used to stay in the hostel... and man i enjoyed those days most - sadly whn the days whr ending it was becomin more interesting!!... thr was a besin and a tap in every room of iut. one day in the first yr opened the tap to wash my face and found out coke is coming out of the tap!!.. astonished and dumbstruck i touched the water and found out it is actually water... the rust of the steel pipes actually got mixed with the water... and it seemed like coke...:P... i wished it is cocacola!!... tested it a little... yakh !!... hahahahaha... just wanna say dont try this..;-)

by the way im not alcoholic..:P ... i just want cocacola from my tap, please.

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Dipu Nobody said...

poor bangladesh (!) the tank of shit is being misconnected to our home water supply while in Norway the barell of beer is being misconnected..

wish one day a barell of real cocacola will be connected to ur office water supply not the rust of the steel pipes and u will enjoy the coke from ur tap .. dont forget to invite me that day !!

yeah I can remember those days of IUT where coke came out of our taps .. i made a news script on this topic also ..

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