Monday, March 13, 2006

mobile truth

is that a term? mobile truth!! let me say frm whr i got this word..

i use the public buses as transport as i dont have any other means. i just hate crowds and buses coz they carry the crowd. and i hate to be one in the crowd... but do u believe on fate!! sometimes i do. anyway i found out that, whn in the bus, ppl likes to utter the most unbelievable lies on earth and they like to say that loud... so that everyone can listen to what he is sayin... talk about arrogance!!!...

one day i was in a bus number 1(route... not the best .. ;P) .. it goes frm Mirpur to Gulistan.... in fact the bus was going to Gulistan. one man recived a phone call and started to shout how bz he was, and he was en route to savar(the complete other direction) to drop her sister in Jahangir nagar university!!( he was alone apparently)... i wanted to laugh out loud....

at that moment i thought what kind of utter lie is that!!... and this term "mobile truth" came to my mind... these electronic gadgets let u do the most unethical and unthinkable things of all....and this is not the only time i found out ppl talkin like that.... its one of them which has, not a single drop of truth in it!

or should it be "mobile lies!!"

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