Thursday, March 23, 2006

India's six-year-old 'criminal' girl

Rani Pandey is a six-year-old girl - and an accused in a criminal case.

The girl has been charged by the police in the northern Indian state of Bihar with attacking them and helping her father escape from police custody.

This is despite the fact that under Indian law, the police cannot file a criminal case against a child below seven years of age.

check it ur self.

it is may be new in india... but i can remember in bangladesh months old childs are also has cirminal case against them. sorry i cant refer it now. coz i read them on the daily papers and cant remember the date. but the child was taken for the trial by his father, as long as i can remember.


Dipu Nobody said...

rani is soo cute ..
amazing .. amazing !!

i made a plan of making a movie on this very incident .. :-??

two thumbs up to rani (Y)

and bangladesh yes there is "kishore songhsodhon kendro".. i dont know the exact rule .. but shit happens here .. no one can change the rule !!

aragorn said...

dipu... amare ekta role dish. :P

Dipu Nobody said...

ja tui ranir jamai .. ;P

aragorn said...

!!! jamai of a six yrs old!!!..:O...shala amare jaile pathaite chash naki??

Dipu Nobody said...

meye to boro hobe dont worry .. or think like the story of "rupban"

Anonymous said...

hello Mr. Rupban, how is life going? i guess dipu..tareq will never get ny better role than this one..wht do u say ;)

aragorn said...

rupban was 13 yrs old and rahim was months old child.. shala.. kahini janos?? chup thak.

Shakia said...

Can I be the scriptwriter??!

Anonymous said...

amio 'roll' chai!!! ..... r tareq bhaia
#b-navbar {
display:none }

ei code ta apnar template e paste koren... tahole nav. bar ta chole jabe... oitar jalay site er uporer part dekha jay na :( .... btw... apnar layout ta joss hoise(Y)

aragorn said...

dipu... pls let shakia be the scriptwriter... :D... and audity thanx... i will do that as soon as i can... im glad to knw that the layout is good...:D

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