Tuesday, April 25, 2006


recently im gettin irritated by the silliest matters and start to shout and scream at my friends! not that i want to demand i get angry with reasons always, but now-a-days it seems its true. my friends are very tolerant and mostly dont mind of my weird alien like behaviour. thats y like to pass my times with them. in this sense im very lucky.

i can remember when i was a kid of age 5/6 i started to beat one big brother of mine(25 yrs old at that time), just because he called me "chhamra". in my home village, kishorganj, it is the trend to call boy - "chhamra" and a girl - "chhemri"...:P... but i thought it was some kind of insulting. so beat him. there were numerous events of me screamin, shouting, beatin and be beaten by the others. coz mostly i used to fight with stronger ppl than me and.... a matter of fact is there are many like that in this world. my mom started to give a little Homeopathic treatment, and she demands i was changed!... i hope it was true. coz im willing to go through any "anger managment" program if available.

but i think my recent outbursts are caused by the bullshit job im doing. it is just killing me. im so much eager to change it. but cant. the greatest reason of all is that - im not from buet! this is just crazy. we even see employee wanted to be skilled with CSE things, with a EEE degree from buet!... this is outrageous. one frnd of mine frm iut is in huwaei, and he was asked, by a eee employee from aktel (much more paid), - "what is IP? what is a router?? ...." and so on. coz its his job to knw about them!! hell!!! and he doesnt knw a bit but he got the job. what kind of corruption is that?! if the private sectors of bangladesh has such corruption then its very much reasonable that WE ARE the champion. and we will be for the rest of the century.


Odbhut Ae Meyeti said...

Well if you cant help it, dont think too much about it. The more you think, the more you will get depressed, but its always hard to change yourself. So just take it like, they know I dont mean anything..they know I'm just angry...they wont take it to heart and like that..

Beshi rag hole ami chup chap aka aka boshe thaki...tend to avoid company...otherwise akjoner rag onnojoner upor jharar possibility thake...eventually rag ta kome jay...

Anonymous said...

perhaps nowadayz we all hav bcom used to with this sort of corruption..but during our jobless state..when we saw the EEE guyz frm Buet taking away our jobs just bcoz they r frm Buet..the helplessness n inside screaming couldnt b described by ny language in da earth..

aragorn said...

thanx, samara. beshi raag hole amar frnd der jhari dite bhalo lage...:D... and im glad that they dont mind..

abedin...i feel the same as u feeled whn u were jobless... coz i almost feel im jobless. i wish i was in a telecom company and make the feelin a past tense.

Dipu Nobody said...

I need confession too ..

My blog messed up .. :'( this totally broke my heart .. now i have to repair the code ..

yesterdayh winuxsoft was just astonished to hear my expecterd salary ...

ericsson is recruiting more experienced people .. the most disgusting thing is they recruited Rupok bhai (the most disgusting man i have ever met)...

huwaei wont take more people ..

after 3 months gp is not calling ..

aktel will never call..

therap bd is looking for new building to buil new office .. this will take 4-5 months ..

my co. started a new log book for sign in and sign out (to trace my office hour)

rezwan bhai told that if u didn`t give ielts then dont contact me further (this holy fucker was my supervisor .. ! )

I am disappointed .. disappoitned .. disappointed .. :((

i need confession
i need confession
i need confession ..



Dhuur ... baal ...

aragorn said...

:-S sorry man... i feel the same as u... :(

Odbhut Ae Meyeti said...

Ami vabtesi porashona ammuke chere chele dekha shuru korte bolbo naki...apnader ae obostha hole amra private university products ..so called computer science theke...jiboneo chakri pabo na

/me cries out loudly...veu veu

aragorn said...

ahare kande na... chhi chhi. thr is another way u can get a job. if u have a "mamu"... by the way, chhele dhora kormoshuchi o kharap na.

note: we are also from so called comp science...:P

M said...

count to 10.. it doesnt help me, tho. makes me angrier. might just work with some people.

or, try damage therapy ?

aragorn said...

thanx mahreen, but at the angry state these thoughts doesnt occur to my head...:(

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