Wednesday, April 26, 2006

days thought

sometimes this thought comes to my mind where i would be if was not created! can that be? this phylosophical question is somewhat very common to everyone. and i dont knw whether i knw the exact explanation of my existance. as a muslim i always try to stop thoughts like that. coz its forbidden to think beyond our scope and capabilities. dont knw how ppl tackle this difficult question, but it helps me to solve another problem(as if i needed this solution. no. im a devout believer of islam). if im here that means im destined to be here. im because i was. and that means i will be. well ppl who believe in darwin's monkey theory(!), and believe that they are meaningless creatures in the world, y dont they think like it. then again who cares, let them think like that..:P

as if im here to make the unbelievers - believers! i cant wait for the world cup football to begin. feeling like i have waited for a decade. and the sad thing is, it will finish very fast!..:( well may be the short period of time made the game so much anticipated all over the world. i hope brazil will win this one too.


Dipu Nobody said...

khub kothin thinking hoia gelo to !

yeah Brazil ! brazil !

anyway my blog is again running .. check that out !

aragorn said...


Anonymous said...

no way will b Argentinaaaaaaaa....\:D/

aragorn said...

abedin... :P

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