Sunday, April 16, 2006

Shuvo noboborsho!

i was amazed and confused whn i came to knw that ppl in india celebrates the "1st boishakh" on 15th april. well i was chattin with anika (a net frnd), and we had a debate on which day is 1st boishakh actually. she lives in india. and not to mention im frm bangladesh. one thing is sure 13th april was 30th choitro. now the point is - how many days are in this month!! and how come the same bangla noboborsho has turned to this mess up! who is responsible for this!

well, its was a hot sunny day. and dhaka university area was jam packed with ppl frm around the country. this yr roads were blocked further than usual as the amount of ppl increased abruptly. spent the day roaming around the dhk uni area. one thing i must admit, the bangladeshi girls are gettin smarted by the day. or does that mean im gettin dumber! anyways which ever way it is, i dont mind.

though im two days late, im wishing all the banglai ppl around the world a very happy new yr(shuvo noboborsho).


Dipu Nobody said...

Shuvo Bangl, Thai and Laos Noborsho tareq :D

aragorn said...

shob same day te naki!!!:O

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