Thursday, April 13, 2006

north country

yesterday i started watching the movie "north country", just because the main charecter is charlize theron. i like her acting very much(also her look!..:P). anyway i didnt expect much frm the movie at the first. just bcoz i like her cant make me feel good frm a borin movie, can it? no. anyway, but as the movie kept goin on, i started to enjoy it. and it was really good. worth givin it a try.

the storyline is - charlize theron is a mother of two child in a very young age. and it stated at the beginning that she cant tell the name of the father of her first child as she had many sexual partners. her husband beats her, so she left with two young children and tried to make her own livin in a mining area of north america. the problem is the male coworkers outnumbered the females at 30 to 1. and as the male workers didnt like girls doin the hard job, so they kept on molesting and harassing them sexually. charlize theron tried hard to cope with it but failed. as always she was fightin for her right and tried to sue the mining company for not protectin their female employees. as the trial kept on goin she was the only female demandin for her right and the rest was silent for the fear of losing their living. anyway what happened at the end is ur duty to find out. i can bet u will like it. im saying that coz i was, and its a good movie.


Dipu Nobody said...

Oi dvd ta de .. :D

aragorn said...

it was rented...:(

Shakia said...

there's always a some wht happy ending... anyway I'll watch out for the movie. Anyway Shubho Noboborsho!

aragorn said...

shuvo noboborsho shakia.

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