Sunday, June 18, 2006


this is 100th post and my 4th try to write. i have been tryin to publish this post for one week! mozila and blogger is not supporting me at all. may its becoz of the nervous nineties. anyway, thanx to every visitor of this blog. :D

a lot has happened in the past week. mainly in terms of worldcup. brazil have played almost without a forward! i couldnt see ronaldo or adriano much in the game. were they really their? or just their ghosts! argenitna played unbelievably good vs serbia, the team of most hard defense!! ivory cost played fantastic against holland once again, but failed to avoid losing. france stayed on their derailed path i.e couldnt score for almost 8 years in the worldcup finals!!! and most fantastic of all, the group E became the group of death, instead of grp C. Ghana beat the mighty Czec 2-0. im feelin that the worldcup have started to show its greatness and unpredictiblity now. atleast i hope so.

lets see whether brazil has something amazing to show or not. to do that ronaldo must stop sleepin on the field or sleep outside. to give robinho a fair chance. go ronaldinho, go brazil.

NB: as a follow up of the last post - im not on top of the world. or may be i am, coz everybody else is, literally that is. we all are on top of it. :P


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Congratulations :D
And god!

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thnx shafi :D

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