Monday, June 19, 2006

fathers day

my gratitude and love to my father and all the fathers in this world. happy fathers day to all.

brazil won against australia 2-0. adriano scored the first goal and the celebration reminded me of the world cup 1994. bebeto dedicated one of his goals to his new born child, by a gesture of carrying the child in his hands. what do u say it? cuddling? watchin adriano and others doin the same i felt nice. and it was just hours from fathers day. its a perfect time to score. anyway brazil was almost pale during the first half. after ronaldo was replaced by robinho, i could sense that the real brazil. ronaldo suck these days.

the main tactics of brazil's playin is short passes. they pass a lot, sometimes unnecessarily. and the intention is to make the opponant players tired, angry and fraustrated. a player mentally at that state cant defend much. and thats when brazilians attack. sounds crazy and bitchy. may be im wrong, or may be not. sometimes i get fraustrated too, just watching them passing the ball from dbox to their dbox! they sure need to change the strategy a little. hey Paheyra!! can u hear me. damn u man. :-S

france is still in their bad patch in worldcup. they have scored atlast but couldnt win the match against south korea. and the other match went goalless draw, japan 0 - 0 croatia. i can sense a lot to happen the following days.


The Bengali Fob said...

Did you draw that picture? Cause it's pretty good!

aragorn said...

id love to say that its my drawing... but its not....:(... i got it from ... visit the site. its amazing.

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