Monday, June 26, 2006

gladiators in football field!

if anybody has missed the match between portugal and holland, its a miss of the decade. it was a war instead of just a game. both teams finished the game with nine men after a game which equalled the World Cup record for bookings - 16 - and broke the record for red cards. deco and costinha were dismissed for portugal, while boulahrouz and bronkhorst(crazy names!!) saw red for holland. maniche scored the only goal. it all started when ronaldo was injured in a foul. and he had to leave the field, and it was a nasty attack. as the time passed on, both the team became agitated and started doin outrageous tackles, on the opponant players. their were much pushin and dashin, and one by one they got their own yellow cards. sexteen bookings! and they were supposed to get more. the referee was helpless. becoz showin more cards could eventually make the match postponed. the second half was full of it. i dont support any of the team, but watchin it made me feel scared. coz its thousands of ppl out there in the stadium. and the fightin between the players could ignite the crazy fans, and after that u dont knw how to control them. i was thinkin, am i goin to spectate a real life massacre! and the time wasnt tickin, i was prayin who ever wins let the game finish. it was a shame for the country.

on the other match between england and ecuador, england won 1-0. though they have won the match it was a painful and dull game to watch. beckham saved england with the only goal. and i was expecting england to play as good as their media says. certainly english ppl are the most unearthly of all.

anyway, its switzerland vs ukraine and italy vs australia today. not much interested to watch myself. so i will sleep well today...:D... its just too much to attend the office after watchin the midnight matches.

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Unknown said...

The david blane link was too cool. Thanks

The players were stupid on the field, they cant control their emotions. In the 2nd half I think they only played about 30minutes instead of 45

Btw, you have the sticky, "comments by haloscna" but you are still using blogger's commenting system. So why do you put it?

The Bengali Fob said...

Now I really wish I had watched that game...

Damn it!

aragorn said...

i cant even remember y i have the comments by haloscan...:S ... i just take bloggin as fun, so do whatever comes to my mind, mostly irrational. just like i have the adsense...:P

fob, u missed that! such a miss...

aragorn said...

oh i remember now, y i have the haloscan sticky. coz i used the trackback part of their service...:D... aaah im relaxed, now i can say most of them arent irrational. :P

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