Wednesday, June 28, 2006

quarter finalists defined

nothing much to say about the last 4 second round matches. australia played too good and italy as usual played defensive game. id say the referee scored the goal instead of totti. to me that wasnt even a foul, let alone penalty. the defenders are allowed little fouls inside the dbox. and italy is the most awful team to win the worldcup thrice. didnt watch the switzerland vs ukraine. but the team of shevchenko is now in last 8. and they are doin good in their first worldcup finals.

brazil won the match against ghana, and proved that experience can beat speed and enthusiasm. it say ghanayan players played well and had many chances to score. it was luck and finishing touch that was lacking. and brazil lost the charm of last match. they moved slowly, as if y bothering much if we r winning. won the match almost effortlessly. they should understand playin like that might make them the winner, but certainly the fans are disappointed. the goal of adriano might have been an offside. so brazil will meet france in the next match. as the team of zidane beat the spaniards by 3-1. a great shock for spain and raul. but one must win the game now, and it is france.


Unknown said...

Yeah I liked ghana. They played enthusiastly. But luck wasn't with them.
But the ronaldo goal was quite good. Specially the dodge that fooled the goalkeeper.

Manzur's Lonely Planet said...

Ya... i feeln bad for tha soccarooz ... IT was a bad decision ... tao matro 5 sec age :( :( :(

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