Sunday, July 02, 2006

good bye brazil, argentina and england

after all the quarter finals are finished, the one thing i can say is that i enjoyed all of them. the contests were absolutely amazing. but the sad point is 90% bangladeshi football fans have lost their craze. yeah. coz they supports either brazil or argentina. atleast argentine fans have someone to blame. brazilians have none. france was on top of their spirit yesterday night. they have skill and they had to prove their worth, they tried upto their limit and that made them a fantastic team. even brazil cant stop them from winnin the match. as a brazilian fan my breath had been stopped the whole 90 minutes. i could see how they are playin with the stars of brazil. only in first five minutes brazil was on control of the game. and the rest of the time they were tryin to get the ball. with a team of so many worldclass stars they tried hard with result zero. if france keeps on playin like that none can stop them from gettin the worldcup.

england fought well with a ten men team. and i enjoyed this match thoroughly. id say this match had all the element a spectator wants. full of attacks and counter attacks. anybody could have scored any moment. anyway portugal had a goal keeper hero to take them to semi finals.

argentina lost the match just becoz of the decisions of the coach. everybody was wonderin about the reason pekerman took requelme and crespo of the field. did he think keepin a lead for 70 minutes is enough to think they have won! hello man! u have ur best goal keeper on the bench. it was a suicide decision. they cant afford to give germant any chance, coz these germans are nothin but robots. they play very calculated game. and as it went for the penalty shoot out, i was more than sure about the result. a better goal keeper than kann is defendin the germans. there is absolutely nothin argentines could do with crespo and requelme on the bench.

and about italy i have nothin to say. face germany now man....:


Unknown said...

Yeah france played quite well.. Specially the inter passing was great.
And having viera and macalele at midfield, they had total control on the midfield.

Dipu Nobody said...

he he he .. as a brazil supporter I was also amazed to see the game .. the 'bhuriwala' ronaldo, the 'huda matbor' ronaldinho, the 'senior' cafu and carlos, the 'sundori' kaka, the 'trumph card' robinho all are simply f*****s ! :(

and about argentina ? yeah only Pekerman played the whole match .. ha ha ha ..

england ? yeah ericsson is boss (!) and as usual the english firingis lost in penalty shoot which is obvious ..

italy .. italy ... is the next champion .. I bet :P

aragorn said...

hmmmmm.... ki r kora... ekhon khali dekha, no supporting...:(

Dipu Nobody said...

tareq dekha jai bhishon ahoto ! dhur beta ..

haar jit chiro din thakbei
tobuo samne egiye jetei hobe .. :)

porer line gula ki ?:P

The Bengali Fob said...

How can Bangladeshis stop watching the World Cup? All MY teams are out, but I've still got the craze! Now I'm cheering for Zidane and since he is on the French team, it mean I'm cheering for France! And any team that beats Brazil should definitely claim the World Cup or else it'll be even more shameful for Brazil.

Go France go!

aragorn said...

i didnt stop watchin. but i dont feel the passion anymore. supporting portugal now. Zidane u die along with ronaldo...:P

কিংবদন্তি said...

most probabely france is going to be out today...

aragorn said...

france is still in....:(

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