Thursday, August 24, 2006

dead - not yet

i have been busy for the last few weeks. hopefully i will get chance to be back at my 'mindless' blogging about things that doesnt matter. :P.... anyway refering some interesting sites wont take much time. so here goes -

1. Solar System Viewer
2. Bio Motion Lab-at first i couldnt understand what was it all about. you have to turn the 'lines' on to make sense out of it. then change the parameters and see how our body parts move depending on the characteristics. its just great.
3. Pavement drawings
4. Benjamin Krain's Photojurnalism
and lastly the world's tallest Virtual building.

NB: keep visiting my site. im not dead yet. just in hibernation. :D
[Sorry the bio motion lab wasnt working. it is ok now. :D]


faisal said...

jak tui hibernation theke standby hoisos....

Shakia said...

yep, it's "mindless"... :D

Manzur's Lonely Planet said...

hmmm bio motion lab ta cool.

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