Wednesday, September 20, 2006

blogger beta

while using the blogger, i wondered why the blogger team isnt upgrading the system. dont they care about anymore! because it has loads of issues to solve. blogger beta is the solution to many of those issues. i had ignored the beta blogger for some time now. if you are a blogger and havent heard of it yet, then you might be delighted to know about this new approach.

the main problems squared up are -
- dynamic serving - what happened in the old blogger was that it would create static HTML files on your account every time you published, and those files would remain there unchanged until your next update. adding a new post in blogger beta is just updating the database. pages are created for the visitors dynamically, on the fly. no more replublishing and waiting for the indicator to reach 100%. i hate the waiting.
- categorization of the posts - which the blogger developers are naming as labels. the much talked about issue for the old blogger. now you can put the posts according to the tags that suits it and visitors can view them caetgorically. i saw and found old bloggers managed ways to categorize the posts using a third party, and it wasnt automatic and needed a good amount of effort.
- site viewing permission - some bloggers dont want their posts to be seen in public. in my thoughts their blogs are semi-private or semi-public. means they want a selected amount of users to access it. which actually doesnt make sense to me. well this can be done now. you can limit the blog to invited persons, or even only to the authors.
- widget elements - drag and drop widgets for the templates are added along with the template code editing.

the known issues -
- only IE 6 and firefox is supported till now.
- english-only
- third party services will not work.

you can add your wish here, if you have a good idea.

everything is going in the good direction, but slowly. i was wondering how i can switch to the new blogger beta and found out it is being given very slowly. only a low percentage of people who log in to blogger will see the option to switch over. the lucky ones will find a blue box in the sidebar of their dashboard. click the "learn more", and you will be guided through the switch over. everyone will get the option eventually sooner or later. but i dont like the idea of waiting. it kills me....:( and i didnt like the idea of leaving the old blogspace and starting over from the very beginning. i have to wait for it till the crack-heads can find my profile suitable! but if it seems a good option to leave your old home, start a new account in the gmail(you need a gmail account to create your profile). and start having fun.

hey you blogger developers(with a shouting tone and waving hands)!!!!! ---- i want to switch over....:D


Unknown said...

Don't switch until they make template edit option available.

aragorn said...

shafi... i think i wont get the chance of switching over until they make that option available....:D... i like the template manipulation. so i will stick to it unless i can edit in beta. anyways thanx....:D

Anonymous said...

who said u can't edit template :S i edited mine!

Anonymous said...

btw bhaia, ur font is too small (or am i going blind :s)

aragorn said...

edit kora jay?...:-?... then i should check it out...hmmm

aragorn said...

font enlarged a little... audity, is that ok?? :-?

Anonymous said...

font ta bhalo na .. lettergulo gaye gaye lagano.. chokhe jhapsha dekhi :S horizontal spacing barano jay naki?? noile onno font try korte paren

aragorn said...

khaise... tumi to bhalo trouble diteso...:-?... dekhi ki kora jay... in the meantime chokher doctor dekhao...:P

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