Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a friend getting married

once i got one sms like this - "im getting married next friday. no need to bring any gift.[a large whitespace].... please bring a bride so i can get married". so when rusho, a friend and roommate from iut, called me yesterday and said -
"im getting married next week. no need to waste your money to buy gifts."
i replied, "do i need to bring the bride?" its no joke. he is actually getting married next friday. so i laughed a little and said -
"dont worry i will not spend any of my money."
- "no. you got me wrong. i said 'dont waste' not 'dont spend'. give me the money instead.....!!" heh heh.

though he was my roommate only the first year, we became good friends. and still are friends with no communication!...:P... he is always trying to cheer others by weird stuffs and words. the more seriously he talks the more his eyes gets closed. sounds funny? it is true. he was/is a good presenter. just think a presenter is performing on stage with his eyes closed. .... anyways, i was wondering why he is getting married so soon. its a huge burden to take on young shoulders. i heard a good reason to get married once, it said - "you must get married if you find you torturing yourself too much!" heh heh. in that perspective most teenager kids should be married too. anyway, i was talking about rusho and mumu(bride). they had passed tough times to be together as both the families didnt like the idea. somehow, miraculously they used to get on the verge of breaking up, when rusho had a semester final ahead of him. the reasons were absolutely any reason one can find. so the common scence of the semester finals was - rusho, crying, with a book/note/chotha in his hand. yeah true. he used cry like a child( or should i say baby !). they crossed long tough roads to reach in the current position.

here is some tips what you wife is trying to say. cause i believe that, "a man is incomplete until he is married. then he is finished." owww, i know im being lame. i wish i could be as lucky as he is. best of luck kid.


faisal said...

nice one tareq....kichu fact, kichu joke, kichu purana kotha mone porlo....n i must say RUSHO r onek shahosh...coz ei botoshe biye kora onek responsibilityr bapar!!! neway on behalf of me cogratulate him n say good luck

nalumoni said...

how old is rusho? congratulations to them from me. it's going to be a tough road. but good luck nonetheless.

aragorn said...

rusho is 24 years old. and i will congratualte him on behalf of u. :D

Anonymous said...

khik =) shotti kanto? amar ammu naki boi niye "aaa a aaa" kore shobar ghum haram kore dito! ... ami oboshsho ekebarei chupchap =) mane pora niye r ki.. tobe porar time e sharadin ki ghotona ghotlo sheta niye bok bok kora thame na ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to them frm me2 :P

aragorn said...

yup... shotti kanto. ebong mostly "o keno amar shathe emon korlo" type kotha bole kanto... but biyete shukhi shukhi chehara kore boshe chhilo. asha kori ar kanna kati korte hobe na....:P

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahaha =)) duniyay koto rokom manush je ase!!! hihi

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