Sunday, September 17, 2006

days come and days go by. as they had been, will be and now. what is the purpose of life? why do keep try and live? dreams keep us alive. dreams give us hope. i think i need some new dreams. i wish i could buy some from the stationary shop. please sir, give me some dreams. go away you old, filthy dreams. let me relax. i wanna sleep. i wish i were a snake, so that i could go in sleep like a dead log with absolutely nothing to worry about. i wish i were rip van winkle. how would that be! after 100 years or 1000 years? dooms day will occur by then, isnt it? so what? nothing matters actually. i try and kill the same worn out thoughts. they dont wanna die. keeps coming back to me. i play some random music on the pc just to keep my mind busy-not-to-be-busy. my god what are these people doing! these rnt music. let me sleep please. play something that can transform me into a character in the fairy tale. something soothing. how about little fairies with little white wings and a wand in her hand. do some inie minie mo. do some sprinkly, winkly, dazzling magic. please fairy play something twinkling, something honey like, too pure to be mundane. pour them in my ears, into my soul, heal it, purify it.

wouldnt it be wonderful if dreams could be bought!


Anonymous said...

the purpose of life is more likely to be fulfilling ur dreams :S may be that does soothe ur mind... (fairy tales wouldn't help for sure)

if u have a bikhkhipto mind... try taking the coffin treatment ;) *kidding*

aragorn said...

ekta coffin thakle shotti try kortam... :P

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